( is a portal. It first launched in the year 2000 with a customized search engine powered by and, news headlines, FOREX exchange rates, PSE index, E-card service, and highlights of the popular discussions at It’s evident from the website design and functionality that there’s a partnership between and (MYP) is founded by Tobi Reyes. The portal is powered by Reyes’s Impactnet, an internet service provider he founded.

In the portal’s ‘MYP 2.0’ version which was launched in 2001, it offered more services such as ‘MyMail’ (Free email), sold ‘MYP prepaid internet cards’ (an affordable way to dial up to the internet), and made the portal truly Filipino by adding more cultural content / Filipino trivia sections (Made in MyPhilippines, Kwentong Kutsero, Philippine fish of the day).

In its MYP 2.0 relaunch event in 2001, guest of honor Congresswoman Bellaflor A. Castillo pointed out that “ is a very promising ‘online ambassador’ of the Philippines to the world.” was redesigned by multi-awarded Web Designer Cheryl Fuerte (also known in the Philippine 90s web world as Inday, Indayworks) and the site have landed as a Finalist in the Portal category in the 2001 Philippine Web Awards.


Who made

Macario “Tobi” Reyes was founded by Filipino-Canadian Macario “Tobi” Reyes. He returned to Manila in the year 2000 and created Impact Information Systems (Impactnet), an Internet Service Provider and built After his venture in Manila he returned back to Canada in 2003, and became Founder and CEO of PortLiving, in the real estate property space. Tobi is the grandson of the late businessman David Mendoza “D.M.“ Consunji of DMCI Holdings Inc. Tobi also established the One Earth Initiative, a sustainability advocacy group, together with University of British Columbia professor Bill Rees, and supported the formation of the Lifeline Society, a not-for-profit organization with a goal of increasing the number of Asian donors in Canada’s Bone Marrow Donor Registry (referencing this article).

Even now in the property and real estate industry, Tobi still has not forgotten his heritage, and ‘wishes to use his real estate background to contribute to a global network of Filipino Cultural Centers that could continue to share our culture with others’ as quoted in an article in The Manila Times.

Fuerte aka Inday in the 2001 Philippine Web Awards 2.0 was redesigned by Filipino multi-awarded Web Designer Cheryl Fuerte. Fuerte is popularly known as Webmaster ‘Inday’ of Indayworks among the growing community of web designers during that time, being a multiple repeat winner of the Philippine Web Awards.

Fuerte seem to have taken a hiatus in participating in web awards for more than a decade from 2004, until we saw her name again, this time in the international 2018 Webby Awards and 2020 Webby Awards.



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