Tribung Pinoy

Tribung Pinoy by Ken Ilio is a website that contains various Philippine cultural information and other features ( It resembles a website portal with links to Tanikalang Ginto, The Best of Cyber PInoys, and cool content features such as Filipinos in Science, Fashion/Moda, Help – where can I find?, Pinoy Queer Directory, 10 Most Beautiful Filipinos, Pinoy Diaspora, Pinoy Sari-Sari Store, Filipino Restaurant Links, Philippine Page of Trivia, and more. The first capture of the Internet Archive WayBack machine was in 1996, years before actual Philippine portals like, Yehey!, etc were launched.

Reviews / Recognitions

  • Rated as a Magella 4-star site (Magellan is a web directory/search engine owned by Excite)

  • One of its features “THE FIRST PHILIPPINE PAGE OF TRIVIA” was mentioned in Asiaweek Magazine (online), May 12, 1995 as “a visually exciting virtual encyclopedia on the archipelago and its people”

  • Top Ten Editor’s Choice (e December 1996 or January 1997) – Asia’s Web Directory

  • Featured in Mega Magazine – November 1996 issue

Who made Tribung Pinoy?

Ken Ilio

Tribung Pinoy was made by Kenneth Ilio, popularly known as Ken Ilio. From our research Mr. Ilio is not a full-time web designer when he created his websites, but he owns Ken Ilio Associates and he seems to have created other websites for commercial clients. He did urology research at Northwestern University and taught science classes at Columbia College Chicago.

Ken is one of the pioneers in websites relating to Filipino culture, Filipino Links, and resources related to the Philippines in the ’90s. He also created Tanikalang Ginto which was also one of the popular Filipino website resources during the ’90s.