Edsamail (http://www.edsamail.com.ph) is a free e-mail service with dial-up access — netizens do not need to have an internet service provider subscription to access their e-mail via Edsamail. The concept is similar to Juno in the United States.

The Edsamail CD packaging (retrieved from the website of Christine Jimenez who is also the packaging designer)

The Edsamail service first launched in the year 2000. Users interested in the service can easily get an Edsamail CD from any Odyssey Music Record store branches. Users need to install the Edsamail program in the CD in their computers, and the program dials up to the Edsamail servers and lets you download your email via its proprietary email software.

The service is free as it is supported by advertising that gets displayed when you read your emails.

Who made Edsamail?

Edsamail is owned by EdsaMAIL Holdings Pte. Ltd, a Singapore-based holdings company which owns the EdsaMAIL operating companies across Asia. Its investors include Ayala Corporation, The Yuchengco Group, New Era Holdings, Evoserve, Nomura, H&Q; Asia Pacific (H&Q; AP), and Walden International Investment Group.