KabayanCentral.com (http://www.kabayancentral.com) is a Filipino e-commerce website established in 1998 (although its first web archive capture was in December 1999.).

KabayanCentral.com sold Filipino books, music CDs in the beginning. The website obviously targetted Filipinos in the United States longing to get some of those products easier and faster. The website also had a customized service “Order any Filipino item” that lets its customers specify to them what item they need from the Philippines (in Metro Manila), and KabayanCentral will look for the items and tell the customer the estimated price. The customer then will buy US Dollar credits through their secure checkout link.

KabayanCentral also added options for customers to order popular Filipino treats – cakes, ice creams, etc— for their relatives in Metro Manila. The service is really very useful for overseas filipinos who would like to send their relatives treats during their birthdays or special occasions.

Later on in 1998 when it had accumulated more data, it launched “Daily/Weekly/Monthly top sites” curated feature. In 1998 it also sort of started to transform itself into a portal— it offered local, IT, and entertainment news headlines, as well as a Philippine trivia section (‘Today in history’) and weather forecast.

KabayanCentral.com was on of the few sites made in the late 90s to last until beyond 2015. The last known capture of the website in web.archive.org was in 2020.

Who made KabayanCentral.com?

There’s no known webmaster or individual person published in the “about” section of their website, but only their company information.