TitikPilipino.com (http://www.titikpilipino.com) by Jay De Jesus is a popular and awarded Philippine music lyrics website. It’s touted to be one of the first Philippine lyrics search engine and its first capture in the web archive was around December of 1998. This music website has a sizeable number of followers / music community. It’s always been a finalist in the Philippine Web Awards, but always losing to PhilMusic.com until it finally got the top award in the 6th Philippine Web Awards in 2003.

Titikpilipino.com was a very useful lyrics search engine during its time. Aside from lyrics it also shares some updated information about artists’ new music releases. Users can contribute lyrics too and subscribe to its mailing list. In its 2003 version it prides itself with an active pinoy music community messageboards / forum.


Who made TitikPilipino.com?

Jay Frank De Jesus. Webmaster, Titikpilipino.com

TitikPilipino was made by Jay De Jesus. Jay owns his own company WebEmpire Inc from 1999-2002. Prior to that he is a veteran Webmaster / Web developer for NewGen IT. By heart, we guess Jay is a musician– prior to his web stints he’s a musical arranger for Samsung and Precision Audio/Video. Taking largely a great experience in managing a big online community, Jay later on became a Community Manager.



PhilMusic.com (http://www.philmusic.com) by Jim Ayson is the most popular and most-awarded Philippine music website. It was said to have been created in 1997, and had won a huge number of ‘Best Music Website’ awards from the Philippine Web Awards.

PhilMusic.com was the very best music resource during its time. Aside from updated information about the bands and artists’ new music releases, it prides itself with an active pinoy music community. Events and chats with artists were arranged and announced on the website. It has a ‘PhilMusic GIG Guide’ (where one can be updated of events and gigs of artists and band), a very active music forum and a chatroom (#PhilMusic) where its regular visitors interact, and a PhilMusic mailing list where subscribers can receive regular updates.


Who made PhilMusic.com?

Ayson at the Philippine Web Awards. (Photo: Philwebawardsarchive.org)

PhilMusic was made by Jim Ayson, one of the pioneers in the Philippine Internet industry. Jim was actively involved in the early days of the Philippine Internet from ’94-’97. Jim was present and has documented the day the Philippines first got connected to the Internet in 1994. He also spearheaded the largest and most active mailing list in the country during that time, the Philippine Cyberspace Review (PH-Cyberview).

He was an advocate of internet connectivity for the masses. In 2014, he pushed for the 20th commemoration of the Internet in the Philippines.

Jim owns W3 Business Communications during the time he created PhilMusic.com, and was head of Smart Communications’ Internet and Media Partnerships until he passed away on November 9, 2015. He was also a tech writer and a columnist.